Math Camps and more

Both locally to Minnesota and nationally, there are a variety of math classes, math competitions, math camps, and enrichment activities that middle school and higher students may enjoy. These programs are great ways to support a student's math knowledge, both conceptually and procedurally.

—National and Local Math Competitions:
for grades 6-8 only
AMC8 , AMC10, AMC 12: anyone up to grades 8, 10, 12 respectively,  appropriate for students 3-4 grades below as well

Minnesota Junior High Mathematics League,

Minnesota State High School Mathematics League,

—Summer and Ongoing Programs in MN:

University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program
(UMTYMP “um-tee-ump”) for grades 6-12
Institute of Technology Center for Educational Programs for gr 3 - 12,

Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth for grades 1 -12 ,

MN State High School Math. League Summer Mathematics Institute

Edina Center for Academic Excellence: ongoing Saturday and Summer  programs for grades 3 and up:

—     Summer Camps, Nation wide Programs

        Epsilon Camp: for ages 8-11 and their parents!
        MathPath for ages 11-14:
        IDEA MATH for grades 6-12:
        Ross Mathematics Program at Ohio State for ages 14-18:
        Canada/USA Mathcamp for hs students :
        PROMYS at Boston U for hs students:
        Hampshire College Math Camp for hs students:
        Young Scholars Program in Discrete Math at Rutgers for hs students: