MSMI's programs

MSMI's programs for educators, schools, and parents work in concert to help them help their students bridge the gap from arithmetic to school algebra.

MSMI's programs follow the National Mathematics Advisory Panel's recommendations on "Critical Foundations for Algebra", centering around the main mathematical concepts of fractions, rational numbers, and aspects of geometry that relate to Algebra 1. With its programs aligned with Minnesota state standards and Common Core standards, MSMI helps teachers, schools and parents lead their students to mastery of Algebra 1.

MSMI offers institutes and workshops for educators to increase their mastery of the mathematics they teach.  Presented in a 3 year curriculum, MSMI institutes present the concepts that students find the most challenging: fractions (year 1), rational numbers (year 2), and aspects of geometry that relate to algebra 1 (year 3). Institutes are not geared toward any specific textbook or pedagogy, but provide deeper content knowledge immediately applicable to any classroom.  These institutes help educators to develop this material in a coherent, sequential, and precise manner that builds both the conceptual understanding and the procedural fluency students need to understand and master mathematics.  This enables their students to achieve a solid foundation for Algebra 1.

MSMI also offers curriculum and professional development services to participating schools, helping them to build an ongoing professional development program that integrates mathematics content for their teachers with curricular development to match the changing needs of the middle school math classroom. By following the National Mathematics Advisory Panel's recommendations on "Critical Foundations for Algebra", MSMI provides guidance on content, scope, sequence, pedagogical techniques and lessons. MSMI supports schools as they adapt their current mathematics curriculum and textbooks to bridge the gap from exploration of arithmetic in K-3 to mastery of Algebra 1 in grade 8.

MSMI also offers information to parents as they try to navigate the mathematical education needs of their children. Through parent workshops, parents will gain knowledge about mathematics e so they can guide their children on what math knowledge and skills are needed to succeed in middle school, high school, entering college and beyond, particularly in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields. MSMI offers free talks for parents that provide them with a road map for their child's mathematical education. These talks help parents to understand the growing needs for mathematical fluency that their children will face, as well as to offer practical help in gaining that fluency. This material is designed to create alliances between parents, teachers and schools as they work together to provide the best mathematics education possible for students.